School Registration Now Open! Minnesotan Suomi-koulu, Finnish Language School


The Finnish Language School of Minnesota offers classes for five different groups of children and an adult class. Our children's classes are for students from infant to 10 years and older. Pikku Myyt is for all of our youngest students from 0-3 years. The Hattivatit group is for children from 3-5 years of age. Students ages 5-10 are divided into two groups, one for beginners and another for those who are able to speak conversational Finnish. Students 10 years of age and older are in one group called Muumit. (Note that these are just guidelines; the teachers can help you find the class that best fits your child's needs.) Adults class called Möröt includes Finnish learners of all levels.

Lasten luokat/Children's Classes

Aikuisten Sarjat/Adult Classes


Kirjasto / Library

Located in the church basement, the purpose of the library is to extend the learning and appreciation of Finnish culture into the homes of the students by making learning materials available.

Johtokunta / Board

Our board is dedicated to creating new Finnish programs and activities for all ages for the community. We provide an environment for learning of all things Finnish and welcome new students throughout the school year.