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Minnesota Finnish Summer Highlights



Minnesota Finnish Summer Highlights

National Sauna Day
Join us in Embarrass, MN this Saturday, June 2. You don't want to miss seeing the saunas on display!! Details in our calendar.

Juhannus - The Midsummer Festival
Definitely the highlight of the summer! Summer solstice 2018 happens on Thursday June 21, but the Juhannus-aatto (eve) is on Friday June 22, and the Juhannus-päivä (day) on June 23. On Sunday, the Finnish nameday-calendar celebrates Johannes, Juhani, Juha, Jukka, Janne, Juho, Jani, Jussi, and Juhana. You can find several local events in our FinnSource calendar for Juhannus time.

Soiva International Music Camp | A week of music, study, performance.
This music camp is designed for young children and teenagers 11 - 19, details here. They also perform at theHjemkomst Festival, which is an experience of it's own!

Finnish Language Camp
Our Finnish Language Camp, located at the Concordia Language Villages has been teaching the Finnish Language since 1978. Ages 7-18 years camps for up to four weeks through out summer. Check them out at this website.

All About Finnish
Learn about all things Finnish at the American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis. This class will be taught in English and provide an overview of Finnish from a linguistic perspective.

Finnish Conversation Class 2018
This unique Finnish Conversation Class will take place at American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis. This class will focus almost entirely on speaking Finnish, with students working in pairs and groups to discuss various topics of interest to them.

Finnish Treble Choir Retreat in Minneapolis
Date: July 13 @ 6:00 PM - July 15 @ 12:00 PM. In this class you will learn healthy vocal technique and the retreat also includes sessions of Soma-yoga and movement to connect our voices with our bodies and mind.

Minnesota Finnish Community Announcements

FinnSource and Finlandia Foundation Twin Cities Join Forces!

In 2016, when planning began for the Finland 100 year, a small group of people from the Twin Cities Finnish community applied for and received a grant from Finlandia Foundation National to create a central calendar and information source to plan and track Finland 100 activities and initiatives during the centennial year. The FinnSource website was created, and FinnSource partnered with other organizations during the year to plan and host various events, including the Ambassador's visit and launch of the Traveling Sauna, several Minneapolis cultural events, the Signature Week of Finland 100 in September, and the Gala Celebration in December. Finlandia Foundation Twin Cities (FFTC) served as the project's fiscal agent. 
In early 2018, as conversations about the longer-term vision for post-Finland 100 began, both FinnSource and FFTC realized they shared nearly identical missions and visions. From this came the decision by the FinnSource committee and the FFTC board of directors to formally incorporate FinnSource into FFTC and adopt the FinnSource name. 
FinnSource/FFTC will continue to develop the website, its virtual home, as it builds a central gateway, gathering place, and connection to all things Finnish in the Twin Cities. Throughout its work, FinnSource seeks to partner with other Finnish and Finnish-American organizations in presenting Finnish culture and connecting people to contemporary Finland. It will join conversations for a physical location where events and programs can be hosted, and it will support the Twin Cities in Finlandia Foundation National's (FFN) network of nearly 60 local organizations, increasing local access to grant and scholarship funding. 
Stay tuned for more information about FinnSource/FFTC! Your ideas and help are important in building a robust next-generation organization that can take full advantage of its virtual as well as physical connections to Finland. If you would like to assist in organization building, contact Betsey Norgard at or 651-270-9784.

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