Talvi 2018 – Winter Edition

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Welcome to the FinnSource

Winter Season Newsletter!

First we will give you the winter event highlights Dec - Feb
followed by important news on European Privacy Regulations
and Minnesota tips on Finnish Holiday food ingredients !

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Highlights of Minnesota Finnish Winter Events

Don't miss out on these fun Finnish winter events!

Finland 101 Independence Day

Twin Cities Finland 101 Independence Day Reception  - No tickets needed!
Rooftop Sauna party at Hewing Hotel  - Tickets for reception still available.

Christmas Events

Annual Pikkujoulu in Duluth
Kauneimmat Joululaulut and Joulutori at Christ Church Lutheran
Nordic Julekonsert at Mindekirken

Finnish Music

Minnehaha Music Repertory Orchestra will perform the rarely heard Symphony No. 1 by the Finnish composer Leevi Madetoja.

Finnish Community Announcements

GDPR – what is it, who does it affect and how?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU law, which came into force on 25 May 2018. The purpose of the regulation is to implement one set of data protection rules for all organizations operating in the EU, regardless of where the data is processed and where the company is established. This means that also organizations in the USA must apply the same rules when offering services and goods or monitoring behavior of individuals within the EU. The sanctions for not complying with the regulation can be up to €20 million or 4% of the business’s total annual worldwide turnover. Read more about the GDPR on finnsource.org!

Finnish Holiday Food Ingredients

Helping You Through The Holiday

Please find below a list of common Finnish ingredients and where to find them (in store or online). 

  • Finlandia butterFinn Crisps hapankorppu, Piparkakut ginger thinsPanda Licorice, Black Currant juice and jam, and Lingonberry jam can now be found in grocery stores like Jerry's Foods, Lunds & Byerlys, etc.
  • Glögi-mix and lakkahillo in IKEA.
  • Cardamom Pulla at Denny's 5th Ave Bakery.
  • Christmas Pinwheels can be made with Puff Pastry Dough from the freezer section. Plum filling cooked with dried prunes and sugar.
  • For Rahka substitute, mix same weight of cream cheese and Greek yogurt.
  • Cardamom seeds crushed by thyself are better than the ground cardamom.
  • Piimä can be substituted with buttermilk.
  • Lanttu is the yellow rutabaga, not the white watery one.
  • Liver casserole needs finely ground liver from your meat desk experts.
Finnish Bread
If all else fails, contact LuumuWuollet Bakery, or Taste of Scandinavia.

Newsletter Submissions

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