Discover a Connection to All Things Finnish

Our VISION is to build a virtual and a physical place where people can discover a connection to all things Finnish.

The Finnish Community Welcomes You

Our MISSION is to bring together existing and new Minnesota organizations and businesses that promote Finnish culture, business, education, and heritage through an engaging online presence. Our goal is to create a physical space in the Twin Cities for hosting Finnish events and activities. FinnSource will encourage individuals not yet affiliated with Finnish organizations, to participate in events and become identified with the Finnish community.


We are Minnesotans with Finnish origin or heritage!

FinnSource Blog News

 The Core Team

Winter 2015-16 | Minneapolis

A group of Minnesota Finnish people got together during the winter season due to the need to connect several Finnish groups and organizations together to organize the events for the Finland 100 Year Celebration taking place in 2017. Copious amounts of pannukakku, lohileipä, and coffee were consumed to create FinnSource.



FinnSource Kick-off Party

April 19, 2016 | Minneapolis

 FinnSource held its first kick-off meeting on April 19, 2016. Some 50 Finnthusiasts attended to share ideas on how to improve the Finnish networking around Twin Cities.  

Kuopio Sister City Event

 July 17, 2016 | Minneapolis

Four enthusiastic Finns organized a table at the Minneapolis Sister Cities event. Guests from many countries got a glance at a typical Kuopio market table, pinned their places of interest on the map of Finland, and checked their knowledge of Finland with a quiz.