Socializing in the sauna??

Where is the easiest place to get to know a Finn? Some now say that it’s in the sauna, and new public saunas are opening in Helsinki to become social centers, for example, as hangouts on Friday nights. A perfect example of this is Sompasauna, a trio of wood-heated, hand-constructed public saunas on the end of a peninsula in Kalasatama, across the water from the city center. It’s available to anyone for free, which is part of the allure, where talk is social and a new type of sauna culture brings people together just to have a good time without a need for quiet deep

Finland continues teaching artificial intelligence to the world

In 2019, Finland was a winner of the MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge with an online course, Elements of AI, that sought to teach one percent of the world’s population to better understand the fundamentals of AI algorithms that affect more and more of daily life. The course, available online at no cost, was immensely popular with the 530,000 people who took it. Now, Reaktor Education and the University of Helsinki have launched a follow-up course, Building on AI, which is being translated into all the official languages of the European Union. Giving free course access to anyone promotes the inclusion of population groups who are

FinnFest USA Cancellation and Additional Information

We have a year now to give new clarity to our goals, both short term, (for Joensuu in 2021 and Seattle in 2022) and long term as we consider who will be FinnFest USA’s audience in 2030.

Lettu-Pancakes For Post-Thanksgiving Breakfast

Waking up with a fresh cup of coffee and experiencing a real Finn cook Lettu-Finnish Pancakes is really special and they taste great too. While visiting my brother and sister-in-law in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I got to watch my dear friend cook this amazing breakfast called Lettu for the 6 of us.