Löyly sauna in May 2020. (Source: Vadelmavene via Wikipedia Commons)

Where is the easiest place to get to know a Finn? Some now say that it’s in the sauna, and new public saunas are opening in Helsinki to become social centers, for example, as hangouts on Friday nights. A perfect example of this is Sompasauna, a trio of wood-heated, hand-constructed public saunas on the end of a peninsula in Kalasatama, across the water from the city center. It’s available to anyone for free, which is part of the allure, where talk is social and a new type of sauna culture brings people together just to have a good time without a need for quiet deep thinking or reflections on life.

One big difference–at Löyly, a beautiful new wood and savu sauna complex in Helsinki, which is connected to a restaurant and large public area, bathing suits are required.

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